Pevely, MO

Collision Repairs in Pevely, MO. When your Pevely, MO car has been involved in an accident, restoring it to the way it was before the collision should easily be your first priority. Having your Pevely, MO car fixed well the first time, using premium parts, and by seasoned technicians who guarantee their work is critical. You'd also want to work with a collision repair shop who understands that having your car in the shop is enough of a hassle, and as such makes the collision repair process smooth, so you can get back to your daily life.

At Five Star Auto Body, we are proud to be your Pevely collision repair experts. From utilizing the latest technology to our commitment to use original parts and materials, as well as our complimentary pick-up and drop-off services, our entire team is driven to ensuring that your collision repair experience is a successful one. We also vow that, if anything goes wrong with your repairs for as long as you own your car, bring it back into our shop and we will fix it for free.

Needing to have collision repairs in Pevely, MO is stressful enough. Having them performed shouldn't be. Contact Five Star Auto Body today for a free estimate, or call 636-282-5600 to talk to a collision repairs expert in Pevely, MO.

Pevely, MO Collision Repairs Performed To Your Standards

It's clear that newer cars are coming equipped with more advanced technology. With features like parking sensors, multiple cameras, and even self-driving aids becoming standard equipment on even value trim lines, when a modern car requires collision repairs in Pevely, MO, a proper fix means much more than just repairing sheet metal and installing a new bumper. In addition, many of these driver aids are linked to the drivetrain or safety features: one fault results in your car losing power and performance, and could even make your vehicle useless.

The Pevely, MO repair specialists at Five Star Auto Body understand that modern cars require more complicated and detailed collision repairs. Our shop proudly features the latest in collision repair tools from Chief, the leader in auto body repair technology. We use laser-guided machines to straighten and align the frame of your car, ensuring that you will not have to sacrifice handling ability to have a properly repaired car. Our team also repairs your car when possible with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, so you will not have to worry that collision repairs will result in certain components or features being rendered inoperable. Finally, we provide you with full repair and dimension documentation for future reference and your own records.

Giving You Peace Of Mind

Being in a car wreck is stressful enough, and when you require collision repairs in Pevely, MO, this can only magnify your worries and troubles. Not having a car for even a couple days means that your routine is disrupted and may not even be able to go to work, take kids to school, or run errands. Insurance adjusters and claims representatives are also a special nuisance, especially when they insist that they will only cover work or parts that are not what you would personally choose.

When you bring your Pevely, MO car to Five Star Auto Body for collision repairs, you can be sure that you will have a first-class experience. If your car is still able to run, we offer a free pick-up and drop-off service, so that you can wait for your repairs from the comfort of your own home. We also provide our customers with discounted rental car rates if they need to get back on the road as soon as possible. Our staff also speaks directly with insurance companies, and works tirelessly to ensure that only the best OEM parts will be used to get your car back to showroom condition. Finally, all our repairs are backed with a lifetime warranty: if anything goes wrong with a part we installed or a collision repair we performed, drive back to Five Star Auto Body and we will fix it free of charge.

Contact Five Star Auto Body For Pevely, MO Collision Repairs

Whether you had a door dented or were involved in a massive wreck, when you need expert Pevely, MO collision repairs come to Five Star Auto Group. Our staff will restore your vehicle to its original condition while providing you premium customer service. Call us today at 636-282-5600 or contact us online to get an estimate or for more details.