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When someone hits your car in Fenton the first thought is probably "Is everyone OK?" Not "How much is this going to cost."  That's natural.  When you're involved in an accident, safety is the first priority.  Making sure that nobody is hurt, that the vehicles are out of the way, and that the situation is secure is the first priority.

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After the exchange of insurance information though, it's time to get down to the real details.  Most people think that they can just take the car to any shop and repairs are easy.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Modern cars, while they're fuel efficient and lighter, are much harder to repair after a collision.  With the evolving and complex nature of modern cars, it takes a specially trained technician to understand how to properly repair the vehicle without disturbing the complex vehicle safety systems.  Uni body construction and high-strength steel add to the difficulty when the vehicle sustains damage. This construction method also makes it easier to miss damage on a vehicle.  The uni body may not show external damage, but the undercarriage of the vehicle can be extensively damaged.  It takes a real, professional shop and technicians to find the hidden damage. That's why our Chief EZ-Liner Frame Machine Laser Frame Measuring System for Full Frame Repair is so terrific.  It not only lets us make sure that the body is straightened to factory specs, but it gives you and your insurance company a comprehensive printout showing that the vehicle is repaired correctly. If you're in Fenton and need some collision repair work done, give the best auto body shop in Fenton a try first.  We are certified and trained to work with all modern vehicles and will make your car safe to drive again.  In St. Louis, Arnold, Oakville, Imperial or Fenton, call us at 636-282-5600 or visit today.  You can also come into the shop at 1756 Jeffco Blvd., Arnold, MO or get an estimate online at  For more Auto Body Shop Tips, check here weekly!

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