Fenton, we are in it now. It’s time to watch the weather forecasts, keep an eye on the skies, park under cover and keep your Fenton Auto Body Shop on speed dial…

It’s Hail Season!

Hail is a major issue in the Midwest throughout the Spring and Summer, where major thunderstorms can crop up at any time. If you’re caught out in the storm, or don’t have a place to park under, you’ll suffer major damage to your vehicle. The dime to softball sized chunks falling from the sky can leave tiny dents all over your car, making it look like a car-shaped golf ball.


Our Paintless Dent Repair Specialists at Five Star Auto Body and our sister company PDR Star are trained in the art of restoring a vehicle without having to repaint. This process saves the factory paint on your vehicle, allowing it to be taken back to its original state.

Dents are contacted from behind the panel at specific access points using specialized metal tools. Reflective lamps or boards illuminate the affected area allowing technicians to slowly massage the dents out. Paintless Dent Repair restores your vehicle to its original condition without sanding, filling or refinishing your vehicle’s factory paint. These proven repairs are permanent and are an insurance accepted repair process.

We work with all insurance companies to ensure that you have the lowest-cost, and highest quality of repairs. Why wait for an insurance adjuster? Just tell your insurance provider your car is here and let our professional team handle the rest! It’s your car, so make sure you go see the best at Five Star Auto Body to repair your hail damaged car. Make the process easy, come see us and we will provide you a FREE loaner right away.

In the Fenton area, if you have hail damage, Five Star Auto Body of Arnold, MO is a Gold Star Certified auto body shop, and the paintless dent repair shop in the area. Let us look at your car today for collision repair, paintless dent repair, and vehicle painting and detailing. Call us at 636-282-5600 or come in to 1756 Jeffco Blvd. in Arnold, MO today. You can also request an estimate at to start the process for your repair.

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