So, you have a new driver starting on the road? It may be time for you to brush up yourself on how to get your teen safe for the roads, starting with a refresher tour of the rulebook. Many of us have developed bad habits over the years as driving has become second nature. It’s time to break those to show your teen how it’s done. We wanted to give you Five Star Auto Body Shop Tips: Teach a Teen to Drive to help you navigate this tough time.

Responsible Behavior

The first thing to be mindful of is seatbelt usage. If you don’t use yours, your kid sees it and won’t either. Kids follow your example. Keeping them off of their phones is another rule. If they see you do it, they think it’s ok, and they’ll emulate you. Using a phone while driving is extremely dangerous and, in many states, a punishable act. Make sure that, while they know to always have their phone on them for emergencies, it’s not ok be talk or text while driving. It’s unsafe, and could get them hurt or fined.

Hand Placement

Lots of you would automatically have an answer to the question of where to place your hands on the wheel. “10 and 2!” We were all taught that growing up, right? Well, it’s changed. Airbags have made a relaxed 3 and 9 safer in the case of an accident, as having your hands at a tight 10 and 2 gets in the way of the airbag and can cause additional injury.

Group Trips

Make sure that you also inform your teens that they need to be extra cautious when they drive in groups. Many recent studies have proven that having all of their friends in the car is extremely dangerous and can distract inexperienced drivers. Stress this to your kids when you teach them to drive.

After you’ve given your teen all of the advice you can and sent them out into the world, they can still get into accidents. We hope that this guide from Five Star Auto Body Shop Tips: Teach a Teen to Drive has helped you keep them safe. In the St. Louis area, if you’re in a collision, Five Star Auto Body of Arnold, Fenton, Oakville and Imperial MO is a Gold Star Certified auto body shop, and the best collision repair shop in the area. Let us look at your car today for collision repair, paintless dent repair, and vehicle painting and detailing. Call us at 636-282-5600 or come in to 1756 Jeffco Blvd. in Arnold, MO today. You can also request an estimate at to start the process for your repair.

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